34 Under sill profile Black

Nyxon Black under sill profile is a universal product that can be used in joinery. Its features include:

  • Improves the window assembly process, especially in its precise setting
  • Tightly insulates, while improving the thermal parameters in the area of connection of the window with the wall
  • Can be adapted to any window profile
  • Moisture resistance
  • Very good mechanical properties
  • A wide range of available widths

Compared to the PVC under sill profile found on the market, Nyxon Black under sill profile are characterized by much better thermal parameters. The mechanical properties are good enough to serve as a structural element that carries the weight of window joinery.

Milled strip for frame profile, beam length 1300 mm


Nyxon Black under sill profile is fully fitted to the window profiles. We have designs tailored to the leading producers of PVC, aluminum and wooden windows. Each strip on the upper surface (the part on which we mount the window) has a groove that allows sealing of the joint between the strip and the window. For this purpose, we recommend using an expanding tape (PENOSIL Expanding Tape) selected appropriately for the gap between the strip and the window profile. In the case of a very small gap (on the order of 1-2mm) we recommend the use of glue sealant (Nyxon Special Glue). This product can also be used to connect subsequent sections of strips and to stick strips to the wall.

Do you know?

To reduce heat loss, the window alone is not enough. The basic issue is the installation method. Window manufacturers equip their products with window moldings. These elements are made of plastic with good mechanical properties, but the thermal parameters leave much to be desired. Replacing the standard PVC under sill profile with the above-mentioned Nyxon product improves the thermal properties of the window-wall connection. Energy-saving window “armed” with a Nyxon window strip gives us additional insulation improvement at a low cost.