Solution for the installation of windows in an thermal insulation layer



Green Line Window Bar

Built-in blinds outdoor

Flat roof wreath

Why choose NYXON ?

Nyxon together with all products necessary for the warm installation of windows constitute a coherent system characterized by very favorable properties. By using appropriate complementary products, window bar and HS and L-type are well mounted easily and quickly. They enable the installation of joinery in the wall a stable and guarantee high quality of assembly. The surface is made of Nyxon panel of base and hard extruded XPS, which is a very durable and well insulating support for all types of joinery. The Nyxon panel of base allows the regulation of the size hole.

It is possible to make surface Nyxon for every size, according to the individual customer order.


An excellent thermal conductivity from 0.037 [W/m*K]

High compressive strength up to 87 kg/cm2

Any width and height

Simple and fast in assembly

We make for everyone PVC profile, ALU, wood, door

Easy to process primary tools

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