Window Bar „L” Green

  • “L” bar made of Nyxon Green base of plate or Nyxon plate + XPS
  • For the installation of windows and balcony / balcony doors in the building’s insulation layer
  • Length 1150 mm with joining system available in three widths 70 mm, 80 mm and 100 mm

Technical Data

Properties Unit Value
Thermal conductivity W/(mK) ˂0,089
Width L mm 70±1, 80±1, 100±1
High H mm 92±1
Standard length mm 1180±2
Load capacity of one meter of the current bar kg 250



Type of wall Screw length The depth of the hole in the wall
Concrete 62 30
Silicate 92/122 60/90
Aerated concrete 152 without drilling
Ceramic 152 120
LECA 152 without drilling

Drill mounting holes in the bar up to every 30 cm

Apply glue to the bar

Clean the wall in the place of gluing, glue the bar and level it, screw (see table of screws)

Stick the vertical beam to the horizontal bar along the wall opening