Window/HS Bar Green

  • Milled for every window frame profile
  • Mechanically durable
  • Insulates well
  • Length 1150 mm with connection system

  • Built with Nyxon Green + XPS

The window bar is available in two widths: 60 mm and 70 mm

HS bar available in two widths: 150/110 mm and 170/130 mm

The possibility of individual orders (any width, height and profile)



Upplementary materials for nyxon system

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Upplementary materials for nyxon system

Instructions of use

After cleaning the surface, apply a vapor-tight coating

Apply glue to the bar

Glue the bar to the window profile, strengthen it for about 30 minutes to dry the glue

Put the window on the glued surfaces on the wall, strengthen it mechanically with L-angles